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From the urbanistic planning and direction to the realization of the work



The urban planning determines the preconditions of each intervention and outlines the preferred guidelines for the development of the territory. A deep knowledge of the subject is essential to sustain the client in the delicate and preliminary phase prior the architectural design



The architectural design is executed using the software BIM, sharing the project model in cloud with MEP and structural engineers allows to check at best every aspect of the order and to offer the client data useful for the facility management of the property



During the thirty years of its activity, our office has directed and managed all works to realize projects belonging to different categories sharing different degrees of complexity. For decades, we collaborate with firms that operate in the construction sector with high standards certified according to the norms

The activity of Studio Giotto Associato includes urban planning and architectural design across each scale, from interior to building design. For more than thirty years, we offer consultancy services in favour of design and planning ensuring the investor a suitable outcome of the entire work. In order to achieve this goal, we closely collaborate with a group of law firms and advisors who share with us the same goals and aims.

For us design is a means. The client’s goals, strategies or expectations are the starting point of every project. A well-done project has the capacity to satisfy these accidental needs and overcome them assuming different meanings. Studio Giotto is a professional association that hosts within it professionals from different fields and subjects such as: architecture, engineering, interior design, urban planning and geography. The heterogeneity of the team is an advantage since it allows us to deconstruct every problem analyzing it from different point of views. We believe that a strong collaboration between different disciplines involved during the design process is the best answer to the complexity of the present. In this sense BIM as method is supportive of collaborative planning, facilitating communication and information exchange among various planning process partecipants.



Realised sleeping accommodations



Built hectares



Approved plans



Built edifices

Studio Giotto is managed by architects Francesco Calgaro and Giancarlo Ghinello; since 1980s, they work in the field executing activities regarding design and work management within different scopes: residential, commercial and office space, headquarter and logistic, hotels, hospitals, public works and infrastructures. The numerous urban plans made by Studio Giotto include several city and town plan. Studio Giotto has participated in projects including European territorial cooperation “Interreg”, such as the Central Adriatic Danubian South-Eastern European Space made for the reconversion of ex-military spaces in Slovakia; and the project “Aplomb” for the development of areas and logistic infrastructures within reconverted industrial areas.